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was founded in Istanbul in 1977 to operate in the garment and textile industry. As the licensor and creator of the PRODIGY brand the Yavuz Tekstil launched the brand in 1997. After achieving great success in the fashion world by bringing a new understanding to menswear, PRODIGY has created a different fashion language for the men who prefer youthfull sophisticated,updating and stylish lines to express their souls.
PRODIGY is a brand that creates collections by the sophisticated,stylish and modern metropolitan men who like to haveelegance and comfort simultaneously in today’s fast paced world,and who like to interpret fashion and trends of the world distinctively.All the products groups a man needs are in PRODIGY’s Collections. Jeans,T-shirts,Shirts,Trousers,
Jackets,Coats,Belts and Accessories Etc..

This is the story of passion and creativity taking the shape of a success. Prodigy was born from the intuition of Yavuz tekstil, in 1983, when he opened a little store in Istanbul where people could find trendy and nowhere to be found apparel brands.The store called “Prodigy jeans” became a place for art and culture of the early 80’s, where several artists worked with Yavuz to create exhibitions and special store front windows. The place soon became a draw for creative types and artists. In 1987 the first Prodigy collection was borned.
Today, Yavuz Tekstil Company Group is an international fashion company, based in Ýstanbul/Turkey, a leader in quality and experimentation. Yavuz Tekstil Group brands ( PRODIGY , PRDG, TURNER , TEMPER , SFO , GRANIT , RED SOUL , SOUTHPOLE BY GRANIT , ASPHALT , SPANKER , PROGRESS , EXPOSE , M MOBILO , MOGUL,MGL,DENIZ YAVUZ ) are sold in about 7000 point of sales in more than 100 countries worldwide.

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