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Brand Philosophy

Every pair of jeans tells its own story...PRODIGY has created a culture inspired by the art of seduction for those who express
their individuality by the way they dress and flirt in their clothes. The expanding international brand whose stylist pioneer in the world of denim aim to enhance masculinity their total look collections. The secret of the exclusively glamorous brand is deep in the imagination and creativity of the stylist...and their secret..

Our customers expect PRODIGY products to be of high quality,fashionable and well crafted.But at the same time they seek the reassurance of knowingthat the clothing they chose is manufactured in an environmentallyand socially responsible way. A reassurance PRODIGY is most willing to give.In fact, PRODIGY has that genuine ambition to contribute toa better world by guaranteeing good working conditionsin the factories, developing more sustainable productsand reducing our impact on the environment.An important process in which we aimfor continuous improvement.

The fabrics.

The accessories

The style...

PRODIGY's Jeans are cretad to express the soul within using high-quality denims,fabrics that timelessly surf the waves of fashion over the years and through seasons.

Hand-picked buttons and embroideries in silver and gold come from the finest Turkish producers adding the final touch to personalise collections and sign the style of a leading denim brand PRODIGY

Stylists work hard to create the perfect denim combined with exclusive cuts to exaggerate the sophistication of every individual.

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